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Our Yogurt

We understand both the need for consistent favorite flavors and the desire for new exciting options. That means you can come to either Just Peachy store and be sure to find Vanilla, Chocolate, Cake Batter, Peach, and Original Tart, on tap, along with just as many variable flavors! We also guarantee the options of vegangluten free, non dairy, no-sugar-added, and nonfat flavors on every visit!

For a full list of current flavors, visit the page for our Burlington store or our Marysville store.
Click here for information on YoCream.
Click here for information on Dole Whip
We use Dole Soft Serve Whip and YoCream yogurt and sorbets for all of our flavors to guarantee the highest quality taste, texture and ingredient content. Dole Whip is Fat free, dairy free, gluten free, and made with real fruit. YoCream uses milk exclusively from cows not treated with rBST, they are Kosher certified, their yogurt contains 10x the national standard of Live and Active Cultures, they do not use high fructose corn syrup, but most of all they make mighty fine tasting yogurt!
  1. Dry Bar
    Dry Bar
    For the kid in all of us, our dry bar is full of the best candies and a few nuts.
  2. Cold Bar
    Cold Bar
    Our cold bar is full of chilled candies, fresh fruit, bursting boba, and scrumptious sauces!
  3. Seasonal Flavors
    Seasonal Flavors
    Keep an eye out at the change of the seasons for new flavors, like this Pumpkin fro-yo in the fall.
  4. Fresh Fruit
    Fresh Fruit
    Honestly, there's no beating a good yogurt topped with fresh fruit, and nowhere better than here.
  5. Delicious Swirls
    Delicious Swirls
    Ever wonder what that middle lever is for? We match our flavors deliberately for stellar combos!
  6. Waffle Bowls and Cones
    Waffle Bowls and Cones
    We make our waffle products fresh in store, and charge for them by weight, no cone fees here!
  7. Milkshakes
    Mix your favorite flavors into a fro-yo shake!
  8. Shaved Snow
    Shaved Snow
    A delicate delectable dessert, unlike snow cones or even shaved ice!